Our Story

Adversity is the mother of innovation. Both Paul and Barry are successful internet serial entrepreneurs who faced life changing issues and decided to do something beneficial and positive. Paul’s first son was born with a rare genetic condition called charge syndrome. Barry was rendered a quadriplegic at age 55 from a rare genetic disease. They worked together with a simple vision: build an application that Makes Everyday Giving Effortless...and meaningful. The result is Changebowl.com which enables people to Donate spare change in a frictionless setting. Voila. Their difficulties are transforming the Giving World.


Build a safe, secure, frictionless, set it/forget it application that fulfills: Make Everyday Giving Effortless...and meaningful. Changebowl now enables Causes to allow their Supporters to donate their spare change. Aggregating millions of people will raise BILLIONS of Dollars and bring about the kind of change we all want. Truly now every dime counts. Welcome to the dynamic, tectonic shift in Cause Related Funding. Changebowl.


Changebowl was built by people who care for people who care. The purpose is to enable collaboration, aggregation, and innovation to Make Everyday Giving Effortless....and meaningful. Does Your 18 cents matter. YES! Especially when combined with Millions of others. Our Story and Vision drive us to excellence. Please feel free to communicate and tell us how You are using Changebowl and what You think we can do to improve. Here to Serve. We’re All in this Together.

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